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Accounting and Business Functions
Purchase Orders/Invoices, Payables, Receivables, General Ledger, Financial Reporting

Business Functions
Order/Sales Entry, Marketing, Merchandising, Inventory Control, Project Management, Sales Analysis

The Accounting and Business Functions programs implemented Visual Basic or VBA through Access, Excel and Word, some with back-end databases in Oracle and SQL Server. They were done for a variety of businesses, from government to retail to service providers, with varying needs as to the type of data that needed to be captured, processed and reported. Some projects involved creating a wholly new application. Some were stand-alone applications, meaning it did not interface to other applications, and others required integration of the new application to an existing one. Other projects involved altering the source code for an existing application to tailor it to the needs of the company. This included modifications such as collecting and processing additional data, and adding or modifying functionality, user screens and reports.

Developed in Visual Basic with Visual Voice, we created an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application that accessed text files, as well as several dBase III and Access databases. In this application there was very little GUI, rather the user interface was the telephone keypad and receiver. Another audio application was a transcriber, which allowed the user to listen to a file with full control to stop, start, rewind, fast-forward, while typing text into appropriate data entry fields that used .wav files. As a fun and creative twist, the GUI for this application emulated a CD player.

  • Home Inspection
  • Contact Management
  • Gift Certificate
  • Computerized Maintenance Management
Each of these applications was developed in Access as a stand-alone product.

Office Assistance
We have worked on several projects that primarily needed to store and report large amounts of data. Most of these relational database systems were intended for a limited number of users (less than 100) and were implemented with client/server or split database designs. Typically they were report-driven and consisted of many tables and complex queries.

Usually written in C or Visual Basic these were generally small programs written to integrate with existing applications, each to accomplish a specific task. Some had user interfaces and others were hidden from the user and performed a necessary process on the data.

Human Resources/Benefits
Various user screens, reports and data exports to Excel spreadsheets and Word form letters were developed to assist Human Resource departments with managing and tracking employee relations, certifications, education, work visas, and time & attendance. Several of these projects also required raw data imports, which are summarized in the section about Data Conversion and Import/Export

Post-Secondary Education Administration
From Admissions and Financial Aid through Attendance and Forecasting, custom data management software can eliminate many hassles of administering a college campus. We developed a suite of well planned and prepared applications that assists the faculty and staff in all their duties, making more efficient use of everyone's time. A powerful report generator will provide quick access to student, teacher and class information. We have even provided a seamless integration with other existing office software and data providers to share neccessary information, like instant access to FAFSA data.

Data Conversion and Import/Export
Often data needs to be transferred and/or converted to fit into a new or different database format. Sometimes the program needs to run unattended, while others call for user-friendly interface screens. We have performed many Access data imports and exports, both manually and programmatically, with a variety of platforms including other versions of Access, Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, Lotus Notes and plain text files. Several modules and small applications were developed to import data by implementing normalized data tables, data integrity checks and, for traceability, error log creation. We have written programs that utilized FTP to handle electronic file transfers between Oracle and Access databases and business partners' legacy systems.

Email and Websites
Sometimes your application needs to be accessed by a large population, either internally to your business or on the Web. Utilizing HTML, ASP and VB Script, we developed an interactive website to display company policies, standards, history, hierarchy, etc. We have also designed and created basic informational websites and online storefronts. These dynamic web pages can pull data from most any database, including those in which we specialize: Access, SQL Server and Oracle.

Other times you may need to send out a mass emailing of an HTML document or plain text message with hyperlinks. We developed a software module that allows a user to create a query based on selection of values within desired fields through a screen with list selectors. The user then enters a subject line, selects a document and the email is sent to all recipients in the query.
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