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Accounting and Business Functions
Office Assistance
Human Resources
Educational Administration
Data Conversion and Import/Export
Email and Websites
Purchase Orders/Invoices, Payables, Receivables, General Ledger, Financial Reporting

Business Functions
Order/Sales Entry, Marketing, Merchandising, Inventory Control, Project Management, Sales Analysis

The Accounting and Business Functions programs utilized Visual Basic or VBA through MS Access, Excel, Word, and Project, some with back-end databases in Oracle and SQL Server. Developed for a variety of businesses, from government to retail to service providers, with varying requirements as to the type of data that needed to be captured, processed and reported. Some projects involved creating a wholly new application. Some were stand-alone applications, meaning it did not interface to other applications, and others required integration of the new application to an existing one. Other projects involved altering the source code for an existing application to tailor it to the needs of the company. This included modifications such as collecting and processing additional data, and adding or modifying functionality, user screens and reports.
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