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Visual Basic Applications
When properly designed and implemented, applications developed in Visual Basic can be fast performing and customized to project the look and feel you desire. Its flexibility lends itself to the development of applications ranging from large multi-user systems and distributed applications down to single-user applications and small utility programs.

Access Applications
Developing and modifying a Microsoft Access application is generally less expensive as compared to Visual Basic. Microsoft Access is the most popular and cost effective database solution when developing for a small number of users. Its developer friendly toolkit promotes shorter turn around time by assisting with the creation of custom forms and reports, and easily interfacing with other Microsoft products, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Web Applications
When you have an application that must be accessed by numerous people and a variety of operating systems, the way to go may be with Web based development tools such as HTML, ASP and Java Script. As long as you have the service provider and/or Web server, internet applications allow freedom to interact with most database systems, provide extremely graphical interfaces, and easily expand your application. And with a web application, there is no client software to install.

Client/Server Design
When you have a system that must support multiple users or a growing number of users, the right strategy might be client/server design. Here the database resides on a server that is accessed from the front-end client applications, containing user screens and business rules. The client programs request data directly from the database server. Because the business processes are done on the client computers and network resources are only needed for data retrieval from the database server, application performance is greatly improved.

Developing or modifying applications can become bigger, more expensive tasks than they need to be if not properly initiated. Before any coding is begun, a problem should be analyzed, requirements recorded, and a design planned. You, the client, should approve each of these steps before the next is actualized. We will guide you through the full life cycle of your application and provide the appropriate technical documentation. These may include some or all of the following, dependent on the task at hand:
  • Requirements Specifications
  • Design Documentation, including GUI and Functional Prototypes
  • Test Plans
  • Source Code
  • User Instruction Manual
Whenever possible, we try to utilize Unified Modeling Language (UML), Data Flow Diagrams, Use Cases, Flow Charts, and Entity Relationship (ER) Diagrams.
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